A taste of fortune

Kavasampattu in K.V.Kuppam block is a sleepy village. There are 12 women in the village who were not sleepy. Their eyes reflected a dream of their bright future. They wanted to be achievers. They formed a Self Help Group thanks to the propaganda of the area’s NGO. They gave a name Thirumagal to their group. Thirumagal means Goddess of Wealth.

The SHG concept was properly followed by way of regular savings, regular meetings, internal lendings, timely repayment etc. Financial discipline has become a habit. They felt that time had come to translate their goals into reality. The NGO’s information that DRDA is encouraging group economic activity as a progression of the SHG concept for women empowerment provided the spark to make an attempt at a good business activity.

Relying on their inherent skill in cooking, the hurry-bury nature of the present day people the group decided to go in for food processing as its group economic activity. The group decided to manufacture fruit juices and pickles because raw materials are available in the area.

With the help of the NGO a proper Project Report was prepared. It was found that though they knew to prepare various fruit juices and pickles for house consumption, they needed training in commercial manufacture. This gap in the skill was readily filled by the DRDA which arranged a Skill Training programme. Project reports were prepared. The financial requirement was Rs.3 lakhs. As the group has utilized the Revolving Fund loan well, Dhanalakshmi Bank had no hesitation to grant a loan of Rs.3.00 lakhs when the application was forwarded by DRDA under SGSY scheme.

The brand name chosen was Suvai meaning taste which makes the mouth water in anticipation. From day one of the production till date the business has been progressing. The product range in the juice category today is Lemon, Grapes, Mango and Nannari. In pickles it is Lemon, Tomato, Mango, Garlic and vegetables.

The marketing technics adopted are door to door selling, creating a network of retail shops, members’ own shops, restaurants etc. The group owns a van. The latest annual turnover totally is Rs.24.96 lakhs (juice Rs.10.92 lakhs pickles Rs.14.04 lakhs). The annual income per member is Rs.12,000/- a polevault jump over the poverty line bar.

How was this success possible? A Proper selection of economic activity hard work, quality of the products, taste (suvai) of the products, hygiene preparation, timely help of line departments and Bank are a few to cite. Has this activity changed their life style? Yes, definitely. They are successful entrepreneurs. They are recognized as leaders. They are achievers. They are playing their role in the social welfare of the people.

There has been a transition from being sleepy cows to being galloping horses. Suvai (brand name) has added Suvai (taste) to their lives. Their lives have become juicy.

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