A riot of colour named Riviera

A GLITTERING EVENT: A music concert at Riviera’09 at the Vellore Institute of Technology on Sunday.

A GLITTERING EVENT: A music concert at Riviera’09 at the Vellore Institute of Technology on Sunday.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: D. Gopalakrishnan

S. Aishwarya

‘Silichrome,’ a fusion of sand sculpture and ‘rangoli,’ sets off a string of cultural events

CHENNAI: Rolling the hardened heap of sand back and forth, Raviprasad K., a final-year engineering student from Tiruchi, handed over a pack of green powder to his co-contestant. The colour granules painted his half-done sand carving with glittery green, as the sand around him remained sun bleached.

On the expansive grounds of the Vellore Institute of Technology, the scene was set before the onlookers like a vivid picture book. ‘Silichrome,’ a fusion of sand sculpture and ‘rangoli,’ gave a start to a string of cultural events on the third day of the four-day cultural and sports fest of the VIT, Riviera ’09.

Running riot

The sand sculptures were doused in bold streaks of colours, predominantly red, green, yellow and black.

The theme ‘stadium’ set off imaginative ideas of the participants, who gave form to their strikingly distinctive sculptural conceptions. Defying the conventional rectangular shape, the sand stadiums came in all shapes and sizes.

From a ramp that resembled a fret board of a guitar to an egg-shaped stage with a scenic backdrop of waterfalls, the sculptures looked majestic with decorative details.

Alongside the grounds was a gallery that equally pulsated with a riot of colour. Film posters were tastefully framed at ‘Spoofster,’ a poster painting event, in which the students had to draft promotional posters as spoof. Visitors’ eyes were drawn to the amusing cartoons of the Hulk juxtaposed with catchy slogans.

The topic, ‘Hulk in sports movie,’ attracted caricatures of Hulk armed with footballs, cricket bats and a whole lot of sports gears.

Colour pencils of the young artists also painted the forearms of their friends with funky tattoos. But there was more to those trendy tattoos than fashion. The participants of the tattoo designing event sent across messages on environmental awareness and terrorism through their deft strokes.

Other events including ‘Adaptune,’ in which students danced to the randomly changing film numbers, ‘Raaga Reggae,’ an event on Indian music, ‘Antakshari’ in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, poetry writing, quiz and ‘Just a minute,’ an extempore speech event, kept the students on a creative high.

Glitzy affair

Like any year, the penultimate evening turned out to be a glitzy affair with the overwhelming presence of celebrities.

Singers S.P.B. Charan, Chinmayee, Manicka Vinayagam, Naresh Iyer, Benny Dayal, Mahathi and Malathi spun out a medley of chartbusters, sandwiched between evergreen classical numbers, in three languages.

The evening belonged to actor Allu Arjun, whose entry drew resounding cheers from girls. He gave away prizes to the winners of the day.

Spectacular fireworks that lasted for 15 minutes rounded off the day in delight.

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