A picture of confidence and creativity

Anees Tanveer.

Anees Tanveer.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: R. Shivaji Rao

Meera Srinivasan

CHENNAI: Though she is understated, her confidence is unmistakable. Anees Tanveer, wife of noted cinematographer-director Jeeva, will soon don the role of director.

She will direct a film for A.S.A. Productions, presently partnering Vision Jeeva Studios for ‘Muthirai’, which was launched recently.

While Anees does the story and screenplay for ‘Muthirai’, she will debut as director in ‘Adaiyum Thandi’.

The film is very special to her not just because it marks her foray as director but also because it was a storyline that she and Jeeva had discussed.

It is nearly one year since he passed away. “It is as if he has left it behind for me,” says Anees. The film is an attempt to portray romance transcending ordinary realms. “Today, I can relate to that idea more than ever,” she says. While the bilingual film will belong to Jeeva’s genre of candyfloss romance, it will, as the title suggests, look at love as something that goes beyond commonly perceived romance. “It will still have a sense of being completely rooted.”

Having done her masters in psychology, Anees has had a small stint as lecturer in a city college. She later worked in the ad film industry under P. Jayendra and P.C. Sreeram for nearly five years. She has also worked as costumes designer in all the films that Jeeva directed.

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