A dream takes shape

: What happens if an aspiring photo-journalist accidentally becomes a film director? In all probability, he might give shape to his dream by creating a similar character in one of his movies.

K.V. Anand has precisely done that in his impending film ‘Ko'. The film, featuring Jeeva and Karthika Nair, is nearing completion, with only song sequences remaining. Jeeva will do the role of a photo-journalist in the film.

“The film has been my long-term dream. I want to become a photo-journalist but never got the right opportunity. It is still my biggest regret in life. Some parts of the film will feature my experiences as well,” says the director who is also a cinematographer. A lot of research has gone into the making of the film — from learning the nuances of daily reporting to doing meticulous homework on the body language of journalists.

Even for his earlier project Suriya-starrer ‘Ayan,' which was a commercial hit last year, the director did a lot of research for the characters. “We got in touch with custom officials and traffickers to learn about their strategies. We hope to be as much realistic as possible in this film too,” he says.

The film will feature song sequences shot in Scandinavian countries. The climax of the film was shot on Mint street last week.

‘Ko,' the Tamil equivalent of King, is slated for Deepavali release. The film includes actors Ajmal, Prakash Raj and Kota Srinivasa Rao. Harris Jeyaraj is the music director. The film is produced by RS Infotainment and co-produced by James.

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