A cartoon teacher

Cartoonist Madhan

Cartoonist Madhan  

Meera Srinivasan

CHENNAI: It is not uncommon to find children drawing a caricature of their teachers on the last page of their book, just as they are taking class. But interestingly, a veteran cartoonist is all set to wear the teacher’s hat soon.

“Who said one cannot be taught to draw cartoons?” asks cartoonist Madhan, known for his striking caricatures and wit. As someone with over 30 years’ experience, it has been his dream to train students in this fascinating art form. And now, that dream has materialised in his ‘Madhan’s School of Cartoon’.

While Mr.Madhan plans to work on a structured curriculum for students from classes V to XI, and adults, his first initiative in this direction will be a workshop that will be organised from April 27 to May 1 for children and May 2 and 3, for adults.

The workshop, being conducted in collaboration with Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and Tiruchi-based e-Castle Academy, seeks to impart the fundamentals of cartooning and what makes a good cartoonist. “All children are born artists. You only need to kindle their sense of humour and teach them to draw. Then, all the jokes in their mind will beautifully translate into a pictorial message,” he says.

On children’s power of observation, he says: “Don’t we often come across children describing people very graphically and in a funny way? They’d say things like ‘Dad, that uncle with a bonda-like nose has come.’ This is exactly the attitude that a cartoonist needs.”

The workshop will feature teaching sessions that have been recorded at a studio. These will be played for the participants, after which Mr.Madhan would participate in a live interaction through a video conference, facilitated by BSNL. Apart from Chennai, student in Erode, Tirunelveli and Tiruchi will also be covered.

“Once the basic lesson for the day is over, they can raise any doubt and I will clarify it live. All the participating students will gather at a specific location, where the facility for live interaction will be available.” One venue each in North Chennai and South Chennai has been chosen.

“Almost every other discipline in the media has some form of formal training available,” he says, adding: “It is high time we trained aspiring cartoonists. I believe it is possible to train children to look for little details, laugh about things in their head and be able to convey the idea through a cartoon.” For details, call 25508163 or visit: >www.saitechinfo.com/www.


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