2 lakh devotees throng Chidambaram

CUDDALORE, DEC. 30. An estimated two lakhs devotees offered prayers to Lord Nataraja in Chidambaram on Sunday, on the occasion of ``Arudhra Darshan''.

The festival, this year, witnessed an unprecedented number of devotees with many seen standing atop the mandap and high rise buildings. The rituals were also two hours behind schedule.

The presiding-cum-processional deity of Lord Nataraja is taken out from the 1,000-pillar mandap around 2 p.m. However, today it was the ``darshan'' commenced only at 3:45 p.m.

This is one of the two important annual ten-day festivals when Lord Nataraja is taken out around the four Car Streets in the temple-town, the other festival being ``Aani Thirumanjanam''. The car festival was held on Saturday.

Arudra darshan in Pondy

Devotees offered prayers at the deities of Lord Nataraja and his consort, Sri Tirupurasundari, at the Sri Vedpaureeswarar, Sri Kalatheeswarar and Ambalathdadum Swamigal Math here, on the occasion of the Arudra dharshan, today.

Special poojas and deeparadhanas were performed in several temples of the Saivite sect. Special Nagaswaram recitals were also held.

A section of the devotees seen thronging the temple to offer prayers to Lord Nataraja and his consort, Sri. Sivakamasundari, on the occasion of Arudhra Darshan on Sunday.

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