2 foreigners help themselves to dollar cheques

THANJAVUR, JAN. 31. The Thanjavur police have arrested two foreigners who defrauded the UAE Exchange Ltd of Rs. 2,37,000, exchanging stolen traveller's cheques after altering numbers.

George Stingley (30) from Gabarone, Botswana, and James Larry Cunningham (27) from Ottawa, Canada, were produced before court and remanded to custody. The police are interrogating the two to find out what happened to the money they got and wherefrom they got the dollar cheques and fake passports.

The foreigners, who landed in India last year, exchanged forged cheques for $ 2000 at the UAE Exchange at Kumbakonam and got Rs. 95,000 on January 12 this year.

On January 24, they went to the Thanjavur branch and got Rs. 1,42,000 in exchange for traveller's cheques worth $3000. On January 25, when they again wanted to encash cheques, for $1,000, the assistant manager of the exchange became suspicious and asked them to wait. But the two gave the slip. Meanwhile, the assistant manager checked with the American Express Bank, Delhi, which confirmed that the numbers on the dollar cheques were altered and that the instruments had been stolen. The two were detained when they went to the UAE exchange in Madurai on January 27.

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