14 speed breakers ready here to break your spine

Karthik Madhavan

ERODE: Ask any Chittode resident which number he considers unlucky. The answer, in all probability, will be 14. Try this question with any other resident, and you are likely to get the same answer.

For, 14 is the number of speed breakers that greet a visitor to this small town, nearly 10 km away from Erode, on the Gobichettipalayam Road.

After one crosses the National Highways 47, it is a spate of speed breakers one encounters.

First comes a small one, followed by another one and then a big bump.

Again, the order reverses as one encounters a small speed breaker followed by another one. There are two more speed breakers awaiting your vehicle, followed by a big one. Then there are two more and again another five more.