13 unrecognised matriculation schools in Kanyakumari dt.

NAGERCOIL, JULY 24 . The district administration has identified 13 unrecognised matriculation schools in different parts of the district.

Steps will be taken to close the schools for not obtaining proper recognition from the Government, the Collector, Rajesh Lakhoni, said.

Speaking to The Hindu , he said the district administration would send a detailed report to the Government at the earliest to take action against the managements of the 13 schools. There were 124 matriculation schools in the district.

Though the Government had formulated certain guidelines to be followed by those, who wanted to start matriculation schools, the managements of 30 or 40 per cent of schools had failed to follow the rules and regulations.

For example, to run a matriculation school, an applicant should have, at least, five acres of land.

But not even a single matriculation school had five acres of land in the district.

The Collector said though there was a ban on converting residential buildings into schools, at a few places residential buildings had been converted into matriculation schools.

Hence a task force headed by the Chief Educational officer, Gomathinayagam, had been formed to streamline the functioning of matriculation schools in the district.

The team would inspect all matriculation schools and nurseries to ascertain whether the management was following government guidelines.

Though there was no guideline from the Government to run nursery schools, the team would stress the need for installing safety equipments and ensuring structural stability in all nursery schools with a view to avoiding the recurrence of Kumbakonam-type tragedy in future.

A detailed report would be submitted to the Government at the earliest to take further action, the Collector said.

There were 576 anganwadi centres including 123 with thatched roofs. All 123 anganwadi centres had already been closed and alternative arrangements made to distribute noon meal to the children studying in these centres from the nearest centres.

Moreover, some of the anganwadi were functioning in rented buildings. Steps would be taken to replace thatched structures and also to construct own buildings under the SGRY scheme.

The community nutrient workers had been asked to visit all anganwadi centres in the district and send a report over the condition of these centres to the authorities concerned.

As a part of precautionary measures to prevent accidents in future, the district administration had decided to close the top portion of all open wells in all educational institutions with iron grills, construct retaining walls in channels flowing near schools and to insulate the high-voltage electric lines passing through the school premises, Mr. Rajesh Lakhoni said. Earlier, he supervised the removal of thatched structures in the district.

Most of the schools had removed the thatched roofs on their own, besides adhering to a directive from the Government. He directed the officials to ensure immediate removal of thatched roofs of schools where it had not been done already.

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