12,000 dwellings will be ready by this year-end

Special Correspondent

8,000 houses are completed; works on 4,000 are under way: Minister

Rs. 47.88 crore is earmarked to carry out repairs

1,135 worn out buildings to be demolished

MADURAI: Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance and Accommodation Control Minister Suba Thangavelan on Sunday said that about 12,000 new dwellings would be ready for occupation across different cities by this financial year-end.

Speaking to reporters, he said that despite rise in prices of building materials such as cement and steel, the State government had ensured that construction works were not affected.

Any difference on the price of materials, over and above quoted in the schedule of rates, would be meted out by the government, he said and clarified that there was no dearth of funds.

Out of the 12,000 dwellings, Mr Thangavelan said that 8,000 houses were completed, while works on the remaining 4,000 were under way.

Houses which required repairs would be carried out and for this purpose Rs. 47.88 crore had been earmarked.

Similarly, houses that were declared as unfit to live and beyond any repairs would be demolished. The government would construct new dwellings in the place and hand them over to the existing beneficiaries, he clarified.

New dwellings were being constructed at many cities including Chennai, Coimbatore and Thanjavur, Cuddalore, Ramanathapuram districts, he said. About 3,400 houses built in Tsunami affected areas such as Nagercoil, Cuddalore, Rameswaram and other towns would also be handed over soon on completion, he replied.

Earlier, he visited a few housing colonies built by the Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board two to three decades ago on the Aruppukottai Road, Ellis Nagar among other localities in the city.

After processing the tenders, the worn out buildings numbering about 1,135 would be demolished and 1,825 new houses would be constructed in about 12 months period at a cost of about Rs. 41 crore.

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