115 cases settled at SWC adalat

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, DEC. 22. The president of the Vilappilsala panchayat, Ms. Sujatha Johnny, has filed a complaint of harassment with the State Women's Commission (SWC). This was one among the 300 complaints taken up for consideration by the Commission it its adalat held at the SMV high school this morning.

Ms. Sujatha, who was elected to the panchayat from the Vellaikadavu ward on a CPI ticket alleged that her political rival, Mr. Christopher of the Congress was the person behind the continuing instances of harassment against her. Ms. Sujatha complained that her residence was stoned many times, that she receives obscene, intimidating phone calls and that she has been attacked while traveling in autorickshaws.

Mr. Christopher had been a long time panchayat member from the Vellaikadavu ward before it was declared a women's ward. It was then that the CPI fielded Ms. Sujatha who defeated her rival candidate who was a relative of Mr. Christopher, in the ensuing elections.

Out of the 300 hundred cases taken up, 115 were settled at today's adalat. In 78 cases, both parties did not turn up, while 146 were set aside for follow-up action. Six cases have been handed over to the police for further action. Five cases were referred for counselling while in one case it was decided to carry out a paternity test.

Action in the case of 27 cases were temporarily suspended as these were under the consideration of other courts. The adalat was led by the chairperson of the Women's Commission, Ms. D. Sreedevi. Its director, Mr. Shekharan Miniyodan, and its secretary, Mr. V. K. Vasudevan, were among those who took part in the adalat.

The chairperson of the State Women's Commission (SWC), Ms. D. Sreedevi, leading an `adalat' organised by the SWC in the city on Saturday.