`Success is independent of gender'

Staff Reporter

"Ours is a society that has extreme swings when it comes to women."

Coimbatore: Being successful in life does not depend on being a man or a woman but in intrinsic merit and worth, Sonal V. Misra, Commandant, Tamil Nadu Special Police, IV Battalion, said here recently.

At the Women's Day celebrations at SNMV College of Arts and Science, Ms. Misra narrated the success stories of Indian women and observed that the achievements of a person depended on qualities that came from within, besides virtues acquired through life experiences.

Extreme swings

"Ours is a society that has extreme swings when it comes to women. On the one hand, we worship powerful goddesses and on the other hand we don't even allow girl children to be born!" she observed.

Ms. Misra urged the students to make the right choices at the right time, keep priorities clear, look after both family and job, never suppress one's talents, pursue interests, be professional in approach and never lose grace and feminine nature.

M. M. Bhuradia, Secretary, Coimbatore Welfare Association, said that women were in no way inferior to men, but their equals and companions. Women could be mentally and emotionally stronger than men, so they should feel good about themselves, have a positive attitude and contribute equally to family, society and nation.