`Analyse data relating to accidents'

Staff Reporter

Since 2002, the rate of accidents has been hovering over 8,000-10,000: official

COIMBATORE: The Collectors have been asked to analyse the data relating to accidents to identify accident-prone spots and take remedial steps, including road engineering, re-engineering and changing road alignments.

Transport Commissioner C.P. Singh told reporters on Wednesday that since 2002, the rate of accidents hovered over 8,000-10,000, the loss of lives ranging from 9,000 to 10,000. Though there was no decrease in the figures, in real terms, the rate remained static, thanks to the control mechanisms, despite a 10 per cent increase in vehicular population every year.


The Government's decision to make helmets necessary for riders and pillion riders was based on the statistics and the opinion of neurosurgeons and trauma care specialists. The State had 70 lakh two wheelers and the demand for helmets was likely to be close to one crore. The Government was also mulling over selling helmets at petroleum outlets. It had asked the two-wheeler makers and dealers to sell vehicles along with helmets from June 1. Otherwise, the vehicles would not be registered. The Department had asked the helmet makers to step up production. The decision would come into force in corporation areas from June 1 and in other areas from July 1. The Bureau of Indian Standards and the Transport Department had been requested to step up monitoring to stop the sale of helmets without quality certification.

Mr. Singh said the Department was working on revising the running time of buses (The lack of adequate running time caused by the growth of vehicular population and increasing congestion is said to be the reason for accidents).

The Government had allotted Rs. 12 lakh for conducting induction courses for drivers. It would shortly issue a fresh notification on the high security number plates. The Government was addressing the issues raised by the petitioner who moved court for a stay on the decision to introduce these number plates.