Swine flu, jaundice cases see sharp rise in Shimla

Hospitals in the capital town saw an unusual rush over the past one week with several hundred people testing positive for jaundice after allegedly consuming polluted water.

People from numerous suburbs have now complained about the alleged supply of contaminated and non-chlorinated water by the municipal and IPH authorities here. “The authorities are not adding the required bleaching powder to the water sources and muddy water is coming from the taps,” complained a resident who had fallen sick, even as many others echoed his concerns.

Bleaching powder

Bleaching powder or hypochlorite is an inorganic compound used for treating water and is often used by the authorities here. The untimely arrival of rain and a massive hailstorm a few days ago also resulted in the contamination of drinking water sources.

More than 20 people died in the State last year after the Jaundice epidemic started from Shimla. A major drinking water source of the town, Ashwani Khad was found polluted by the nearby sewerage pipelines.

Along with this the number of patients who are reporting positive for Swine flu is also increasing every day in the State. After the death of a Maharashtra tourist — Avinash Patil — last week some tourists in Manali also tested positive for influenza. Many patients have been admitted in the Tanda Medical College hospital in Kangra and the IGMC hospital in Shimla. An elderly person died in Dehra because of swine flu a few days ago.

Two labs in State

As many as 35 patients have died in the last couple of years due to swine flu and more than 250 patients were treated after testing positive for swine flu. The State has two pathological labs at IGMC, Shimla and RPMC, Tanda where patients are referred from regional and zonal hospitals.

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