Odisha to revise water allocation for industries

The Odisha Government will revisit the process of water allocation for industries. Instead of allocating the total water requirement of an industry at one go, the government will go for phase-wise allocation for different industries.

“Many existing industries have been allocated water much more than their present requirement without opting for phase-wise allocation. As a result, new industries are being debarred from fresh allocation,” it was observed at a high-level meeting recently convened under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary G. C. Pati.

For optimum use of water, industries should opt for phase-wise allocation as per their requirements instead of allocating the total requirement from the beginning, senior officials suggested.

It was decided that a joint committee comprising officials of Department of Water Resources and Industrial Promotion and Investment Corporation of Odisha (IPICOL) would be constituted to assess the total water allocation and actual consumption of the existing industrial and commercial establishments.

Industrial and commercial establishments allocated with excess water than their actual requirements will be re-allocated as per their actual consumption.

The government will consider cancellation of water allocation to those industries which have not started their project even three years after signing memorandum of understanding with the government.

Water allocation for industrial houses has been a controversial issue in the State. Farmers have been protesting water allocation for industries saying non-availability of water was affecting the irrigation.

The government will go for phase-wise allocation for different industries

Panel to assess total water allocation and actual consumption by industries