Nostalgic moments for film lovers

Churning out moments of nostalgia for the members of the film fraternity and the audience, Film Journalists’ Forum of Odisha (FJF) screened Odia film Ghara Bahuda made in 1973 at Jayadev Bhawan auditorium here on Sunday evening.

The film was made by late eminent dramatist Kamal Lochan Mohanty who was the founder of the popular Ekamra Theatres. He had scripted and staged the play Sangrami that had won rave response from the public. This has prompted him to make the movie based on the play. While Sona Mukherjee has directed the film, acclaimed actors late Samuel Sahoo, late Sujata Anand and Niranjan Satapathy were cast in it. Late legendary singer-composer Akshaya Mohanty had scored music for the film for which immensely popular singers Nirmala Mishra, Sikandar Alam, Sipra Bose and Trupty Das apart from Akshaya Mohanty had sung.

Before the screening of the film, the cast and crew of the film, who are alive, were felicitated by FJF. They were actors Niranjan Satapathy, Sujit Das, Gita Debi, Asim Basu and Aruna Mohanty; lyricist Devdas Chhotray, singer Trupty Das and the film’s copyright holder Rabindra Sahu. Members of the Odia film fraternity – both the young and the old - like Bijoy Mohanty, Tandra Roy, Soudamini Mishra, Pranab Patnaik, Arun Mantri, Sailabhama and Akankshya Kabi honoured the cast and the crew of Ghara Bahuda on the occasion.

A booklet on the film was also released.

Popular anchors Deba Prasad Das and Madhumita Mohanty added grandeur to the event with their unique presentations.

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