New technique to reconstruct deformed ear

HEALING TOUCH: Rajoo Dash attending on a patient in Berhampur on Wednesday.  

Staff Reporter

Besides being cost-effective, it reduces the chances of scars too

BERHAMPUR: Through a unique method developed by him that uses less operative stages and reduces chances of scars, Rajoo Dash, assistant professor of plastic surgery at MKCG Medical College, has brought innovation into the technique involved in reconstruction of deformed ears.

As only two operations are needed to reconstruct an ear through this method, the complex cosmetic surgery has become affordable even for people with low income.

Parents of A. Rohini, 12, from Rourkela had to spend just Rs. 8,000 to have her deformed ear reconstructed by Dr. Dash through the new technique.

Dr. Dash says the cost of reconstructing an ear at private hospitals may cost some Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,50,000.

The girl's mother A. Vijaylaxmi said that they could get the operation done only because of the low cost of the surgery. The girl's father A. Prakash is a crane operator.

Expertise matters

"People usually relate plastic surgery to upmarket hospitals but the real results always depend on the technique and expertise of the surgeon," Dr Dash said.

He till date has reconstructed ears for nine patients through the innovated method at quite a low cost.

Dr. Dash does not use the conventional Brent method of plastic surgery to reconstruct the ears as it involves four operative stages.

Instead, he prefers the Nagata method developed in Japan during late 90s as it involves two operative stages though it needs greater surgical expertise.

"Our outer ear has two major portions - the slightly uplifted helical rim and the anti-helical cartilage inside. Usually, surgeons using the Nagata method sculpt them out of two pieces of cartilage, leaving scope for scars at the joining point."