Lung cancer cases spreading: study

Excessive smoking by the rural folk in Himachal is leading to lung cancer and it is spreading at an alarming rate amongst males, said a study conducted by oncologist Rajeev Bedi of Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

Dr. Bedi who was here on Saturday to create awareness on cancer said around 95 per cent of lung cancer and 70 per cent of head and neck cancer in males can directly be attributed to smoking among Himachalis.

He said cancer of the head and neck, genitory-urinary tract and GIT gastro-intestine are also prevalent among the women. Besides this, gynaecologic cancer and breast and gastro-intestinal cancer are commonly found in women.

A winner of Geeta Mittal award for best cancer researcher in 2002, Dr. Bedi said factors like lack of education about health and hygiene, repeated pregnancies and early marriage are the primary reasons for cancer in women in the rural State of Himachal.

He said new technologies like the Image Guided Radiation Therapy, using motion-based technology to map the tumours, and simultaneously delivering precise doses of radiation to specified diseased areas, help in minimising radiation exposure to co-located healthy tissues and organs.

Dr. Bedi said more than 70 per cent cancer patients in India come for treatment at the advance. However, it is just reverse in the developed countries where majority patients report in hospitals in the very first stage.

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