Licence norms eased to promote mining

Lease holdersin Rajasthan to benefit

The Rajasthan government has relaxed the licence norms for quarry and mining leases and reduced the payment of premium from once every year for 50 years to just one year by amending the State Minor Minerals Concession Rules, 2017, in an attempt to speed up the mining activities.

Thousands of mining lease holders across the State are set to benefit from the move. The holders of letters of intent and clearance certificates will now be required to pay dead rent or two-and-a-half times of the licence fee as premium only once during the lease period.

According to the official sources here on Wednesday, the performance security for mining leases and quarry licences, which was 100% of the licence fee in the 2017 rules, has been halved in the amendment, providing the much-needed relief to licence holders.

Premium reduced

The letters of intent issued on khatedari land and those issued through draw of lots will be saved in accordance with the intent of the Centre. This will facilitate allotment of mining leases to the holders. The State government has also reduced the maximum premium amount charged from the miners for transfer of ownership in the name of spouse or children from Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 50,000.

Against the earlier provision for yearly advance payment of dead rent, the mine owners will now be allowed to make the payment in four quarterly instalments.

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