CPI (M) alleges victimisation in NDA-ruled States

Special Correspondent

Says fundamentalist organisations like RSS dictating NDA agenda

Kolkata: West Bengal CPI (M) secretary Anil Biswas alleged on Friday that the weaker sections in the National Democratic Alliance-ruled States were being victimised at the behest of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Speaking at a party rally to protestagainstthe killing of Kalinga Nagar tribals, Mr. Biswas charged that "wherever the NDA is in power, tribals, peasantry and workers are being attacked with impunity, irrespective of which constituent is leading the NDA in the respective States."

He said that "fundamentalist organisations like the RSS were actually dictating the agenda of the NDA," adding that political forces should rally together "to defeat such designs."

Attacks on farmers

There have been attacks on farmers in Rajasthan agitating under the Left leadership for what was rightfully theirs. The NDA had only recently assumed power in Bihar but the situation therehad worsened.

Tribals were being attacked in Jharkhand and their land usurped by the Maoists for setting up bases.

The weaker sections were being victimised in Chhattisgarh and there was Gujarat with its "notorious record" of the Godhra riots, Mr. Biswas alleged.

Biman Bose, CPI (M) Polit Bureau member, said that besides places like Kalinga Nagar, tribals in other parts of Orissa were also being displaced.

Orissa CPI (M) secretary Janardhan Pati regretted that the tribals in his State had not benefited from initiatives taken for industrialisation.

Companies were being allowed to exploit the State's rich mineral reserves against low royalty payments, he charged.

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