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Two-day symposium at Pondicherry University to commence today

Israel, Brazil and Australian delegates to present country-models of industry-academia partnerships

Exclusive Industry-Academia interface portal will be launched

PUDUCHERRY: Setting a platform for interaction between universities and industries, the third University-Industry Council Symposium will look at new avenues for collaboration and ways to meet the emerging challenges in the country. The two-day symposium will commence at Pondicherry University on November 21 with participation of 20 industries and 20 Vice-Chancellors of universities.

Delegates from Israel, Brazil and Australia will present their country-models of industry-academia partnerships. It has been organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in association with the university. Vice-Chancellor of Pondicherry University J.A.K. Tareen told reporters on Thursday that the symposium aimed to bring in a common platform for industries and universities to meet the emerging challenges by collaborating in different fields.

“For the universities, the challenges pertain to complying with government policies of increased access. The government aims to increase the Gross Enrolment Ratio from nine per cent to 15 per cent and therefore, there is a need to double all facilities at least by 50 per cent more,” he said.

The country produces 5,000 Ph.Ds every year but not all were of quality for being employed in teaching or research, he said. adding, “For this, we need to look at untapped sources, which is the industry. There are scientists and Research and Development centres in industries and they should openly participate in the University system as adjunct professors. Even the University Grants Commission is encouraging this scheme.”

Outlining various areas of possible collaboration, Mr. Tareen said that the industries could participate in curriculum development, support research and sponsor research projects.

“Industries could support in infrastructure development, research projects, training and teaching,” he emphasised.

A release issued by the CII said that the symposium would have presentations of a few successful country models of industry-academia partnerships and new areas of enhancing the industry-university cooperation. An exclusive industry-academia interface portal would be launched during the symposium which would aim to foster interaction and engagement of the industry and university through on-line sharing of knowledge, opportunities, interactive sessions and communication of information on events and training, it added.

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