Undeclared power-cut, low voltage in many areas

Staff Reporter

At times voltage drops to below 50 volts

It is caused by technical problem at therubali Grid, says Southco vice-president

The problem will be sorted out in a few days, he says

BERHAMPUR: Most areas of south Orissa are now facing undeclared power cut and extreme low voltage.

It is an irony that this problem has emerged with severity from Monday, the day when the state government declared that there would be no more power cut in the state. All areas of the city are facing extreme voltage fluctuation and at times the voltage is going down to below 50 volts. The voltage problem is more serious in rural areas.

Problems compounded

The summer heat has added to the woes caused by this power problem. Citizens of the city like R.Srinivas say lack of proper load distribution at the transformers and sub-stations is also cause behind this voltage problem.

The authorities of the Southco, the power distribution company involved in electricity supply in south Orissa say this problem of undeclared power cut and low voltage would get solved in a few days. Vice-president of the Southco, Tapan Mishra said recent problem had been caused due to technical problem at the Therubali Grid in Rayagada district.

Although this grid is getting sufficient amount of power from hydel power plant of Balimela and thermal power plants in Talcher it is not able to transmit this power in sufficient amount.

One of the transformers' at Therubali grid burst on Monday, Mr Mishra said.

So, sufficient power is not being supplied to Narendrapur and Bhanjangar power stations that depend on the Therubali Grid Station. Earlier two circuits connected to Therubali were transmitting power to them.

Now only on ecircuit is active. From the Narendrapur power station near the city, power is transmitted to Chatrapur, Balugaon, Khurda and Berhampur.

Similarly the Bhanjanagar power station provides power to Bhanjanagar, Aska and Phulbani. All these areas are now facing power shortage due to this technical snag.

Mr Mishra was hopeful that this problem would be sorted out within next few days as restoration work was on in full swing.