Take tough stand

The abduction of Rajadhani Express drivers by radical forces in West Bengal exposes the inhumanity and cruelty of an organisation, which claims to be fighting for the cause of common people.

Now the government has shown willingness to talk to these disruptive forces which in my view is absolutely not necessary. Instead, the government, both at the Centre and in the State, should deal with these forces with an iron hand.

Swayamsiddha Mohapatra


Boat tragedy

The bravery shown by the fire-brigade personnel and others in saving the lives of some 25 persons in the boat tragedy at Dhabaleswar on the Kartik Purnima day was commendable but the loss of five precious lives is also equally unfortunate.

The State government should not sit idly after arresting the erring boatman but stringent action should be taken against the officials for whose negligence such a tragedy occurred.

It is also high time that the government should come forward with ‘boat rule’ to systematically handle the inland water transport system in the State.

In the latest episode, the boatman was illegally ferrying passengers despite heavy deployment of police and magistrate at the nearby ghats. Moreover, the damaged boat was carrying passengers beyond its capacity. How come such glaring violations went unnoticed by the enforcement officials during broad daytime.

Ashok Kumar Puri


Focus on rural economy

The trend witnessed in other States like Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, where hundreds of farmers have committed suicide, is now going to repeat in our State. When farmers of others States were ending their lives by taking extreme steps, we did not realise or acted accordingly to prevent the same in our State.

Unscientific farming, lack of government support to farmers and more seriously, the money laundering by private parties have put our farmers in disarray.

Instead of only focusing on mineral-based industries, we should now think of setting up more and more agro-based industries in the country so as to strengthen the hands of farmers and give a proper direction to our rural economy.

Ranjita Biswal


Stringent action needed

It is quite irony to see the Civil Supplies Department in the State capital is not functioning the way it is expected. For example, the shops meant for selling milk products are all operating under the banner of BMC OMFED and all those dealing with eggs and meat under BMC OPOLFED.

They are commercial organisations, hence they have been supplied with commercial electricity connection. Now I fail to understand when a shop is officially identified a commercial organisation as to how LPG gases meant for domestic use are supplied to these booths for preparation of tea, coffee and other types of eateries.

The government is paying around Rs. 350 and Rs. 13 on gas and kerosene respectively as subsidy as it meant exclusively for domestic uses. The difference between domestic and commercial gas is quite huge.

Perhaps, it is possible by keeping the department people in good humour. Hope a strong action against all such defaulters will be taken.

Bijay Kumar Misra


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