Scheduled Caste population in Haryana to get water connections

Special Correspondent

CHANDIGARH: Haryana is heading to become the country’s first State to cover its entire population of Scheduled Castes with the facility of private water connections under the Indira Gandhi Drinking Water Scheme being implemented since November 19, 2006, an official spokesman said here on Wednesday.

He disclosed that under this scheme all households of Scheduled Castes were entitled to get a private water connection with a 200-litre tank fitted with a tap free of cost in all urban and rural areas of the State.

The households of Scheduled Castes are also entitled to get a concession of 50 per cent in payment of monthly water tariff.

Fee waived

And to encourage use of private water connections in households of general category, it has been decided to waive the connection fee of Rs.500 in rural areas and of Rs.1,000 in urban areas for one year -- that is up to November 19, 2007.

The Government had subsequently extended this concession till November 19, 2008. Now this concession has been further extended up to March 31, 2010, the spokesman added.

He said that during 2006-07 private water connections were given to 19,954 households of Scheduled Castes in rural areas and more than 2.51 lakh such households were covered in 2007-08. Now the scheme is being implemented vigorously to provide more than 3.04 lakh water connections to the households of Scheduled Castes in rural areas and one lakh water connections to households of Scheduled Castes in urban areas.

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