Sale of cheap ‘kandula’ in city worries tribals

Staff Reporter

BERHAMPUR: Cheap yellow split peas are being sold as ‘kandula’ in the city. Kandula happens to be a traditional tribal legume, which has a special market. Now the tribals fear that with the sale of this cheap product, people may tart forget the real one.

It may be noted that in Berhampur people at times also call ‘arhar’ or ‘toor dal’ as ‘kandula’. But till date it has not worried the tribals who sell their original ‘kandula’ as price of toor dal is higher than that of the tribal produce. Moreover, the hike in the price of ‘toor dal’ is also leading to the increase of price of ‘kandula’.

A few months ago, when the price of ‘toor dal’ reached more than Rs. 90, there was a sudden rise in the demand for the ‘kandula’ produced by the tribals of Ganjam district in the city. Tribals sold their ‘kandula’ produce at around Rs. 40 to Rs. 45 per kilogram.

But suddenly their ‘kandula’ market has received a jolt. A large number of handcarts have started moving around the city selling yellow split peas, which they call ‘kandula’.

This is being sold at Rs. 25 per kilogram as its wholesale price is Rs. 20 per kilo. The sellers try to impress the gullible customers that it is tribal produce procured from adjoining Andhra Pradesh. In reality it is nothing but the cheap pulses imported to curb the sudden rise in the price of ‘toor dal’ in the country.

The price of ‘toor dal’ has also fallen, yet it is above Rs. 60 in retail market.

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