Quota system for PPP areas in U.P.: Mayawati

Atiq Khan

“It will be similar to that followed in government service”

LUCKNOW: With the public-private partnership (PPP) model forming the core of the State’s New Economic Policy, 2007, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Mayawati announced on Monday that quota system would be introduced in the areas and projects to be developed on the basis of the PPP model. The reservation would be similar to the system applicable to the beneficiaries in government service.

Simultaneously, the Chief Minister announced a rehabilitation policy for those whose land would be acquired for developing the 1,000-kilometre-long Ballia-Noida Ganga Expressway. The package lays stress on compensation for the land and property which would be acquired besides certain other benefits. Fifteen per cent of flats and plots to be developed on the acquired land would be reserved for the oustees. Besides, they would be entitled to a monthly allowance equivalent to minimum farm wages for 25 days. This arrangement would last one year from the date of land acquisition. The policies were approved by the Cabinet.

New economic policy

Unfolding the new economic policy, called the New Middle Path Economic Policy at a press conference here, the Chief Minister said with the global economic scenario fast changing, the fruits of economic development had not percolated down to the last man on the socio-economic ladder. She emphasised that the Bahujan Samaj Party Government had endeavoured to introduce a system of holistic economic development whose benefit would accrue to the deprived and downtrodden sections and the poor of the “sarv samaj”. Ms. Mayawati said it had been decided on August 10 to introduce the system of voluntary reservation in those sectors where special benefits would be given by the Government to the private players. This arrangement envisaged 10 per cent reservation for the Scheduled Castes, 10 per cent for OBCs and religious minorities and 10 per cent for the economically poor in the Upper Castes.

She stated that the absence of reservation in privatisation initiatives taken by the Central and State Governments, besides the shrinking job scenario in Government services, had resulted in the decline in the representation of the poor sections in the private sector.

Job security

The State’s equity would be a maximum of 49 per cent and a minimum of 11 per cent in schemes and projects to be developed in the private sector. The Chief Minister allayed the fears of the employees working in the projects to be developed on the basis of PPP model assuring them of complete job security. Infrastructure development had been accorded the top priority. Development of rural and urban infrastructure, including power, drinking water, roads, transport, health, and industries, had been identified under the new economic policy.

In the Ganga Expressway rehabilitation package, 250 square metres of land in urban areas and 150 square metres of land in rural areas would be allotted free of cost to the families whose houses would be acquired for building the eight- lane highway. The affected families would also be entitled to road, drinking water, electricity, school, panchayat building and irrigation facilities in the rehabilitated areas.

Financial aid

More importantly, the oustees would be extended financial assistance to the minimum of Rs. 25,000 for building shops and work sheds. The families given compensation have been given the option of buying shares in the developer company which would be equivalent to 10 per cent of the compensation money.

The Chief Minister also launched the e-procurement scheme in the State for tenders. It is aimed at finishing mafia raj in contract business.

Gujarat verdict

Earlier, in an informal chat with newspersons, the Chief Minister pointed out that though the Bahujan Samaj Party failed to open its account in the Gujarat Assembly elections, four of its candidates lost only by a margin of 300 to 400 votes. The party’s campaign lasted about five to six months and the BSP contested on 166 seats.

Regarding the party’s performance in the Himachal Pradesh Assembly polls, the Chief Minister said the verdict would surprise everyone.

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