Primary school in a state of neglect


While the cook prepares mid-day meal at one corner, children learn the day’s lessons facing

the blackboard

KORAPUT: It is neither a kitchen nor is it a class to teach how to cook. But, as the cook goes about his job deftly in one corner of the room readying the mid-day meal, the children learn the day’s lessons facing the blackboard.

That sums up the miserable state of affairs in JELC Primary School. Established in 1891, the entire building is in a dilapidated condition. The roof leaks when the skies open up.

And the pieces of wooden frames that one finds were once doors and windows of the temple of learning. Except for one room that doubles up as a kitchen, no other room is in a functional state.

That it is still part of the education system is indicated by the only board that is painted on the outside wall.

This is not an isolated case of a school in a godforsaken place.

Located in the heart of the district headquarters and at a stone’s throw from the DPEP office, the Collectorate and JELC church, the school has a student strength of 61 and four trained teachers to impart skills.

The Education Department has washed its hands off saying that the institution is under the management of the JELC and therefore the building has to be maintained by them or by the NAC.

Thought the DPEP released some grants earlier to improve its quality, one wonders what kind of qualitative education could be imparted in such an environment.

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