Police to watch for traffic violations

Rajesh B. Nair

Security cameras being installed on two Puducherry roads

PUDUCHERRY: Next time you are on the wheel and accidentally jump a traffic line or park the vehicle haphazardly, be cautious you are being watched by the cops.

As part of the traffic improvement plan, the police department is installing hidden cameras at vantage points in the town.

The work on installing Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) security cameras on Jawaharlal Nehru Street and Mahatma Gandhi Road is fast progressing, a senior officer said. The cameras will be linked to the control room at the Senior Superintendent of Police (Traffic) office to monitor traffic movement.

The cameras can capture the images of traffic movement on a 350-degree radius in both the streets, he said. “The work will be completed in the next two weeks.”

Along with the installation of the cameras, the traffic department also proposes to provide public address systems on these streets to issue warning to those violating traffic. “As and when we get pictures of violation in the control room, we will issue warnings. If they do not heed the advice, action will be taken,” he said.

The images captured by the cameras will also help to solve incidents of chain-snatching and vehicle thefts.

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