Police to probe fraud charge against Vedanta

Bhubaneswar: A day after a court in Bhubaneswar directed the police to probe alleged charges of fraud against Vedanta Foundation, a case was registered on Saturday against the organisation that proposed to set up a world-class university with an investment of Rs. 15,000 crore in Puri.

“We have registered a case to probe allegations against Vedanta as per direction of the Sub-divisional Judicial Magistrate’s (SDJM) court, Bhubaneswar,” Capital Police Station Inspector in-charge Rabi Satpathy said.

The SDJM on Friday directed the local police to probe allegation made by one 75-year-old Dwarika Mishra who lodged several allegations of fraud against Vedanta Foundation which was later renamed as Anil Agarwal Foundation.

The SDJM also directed the Capital Police Station to report the matter within one week.

Vedanta officials were not immediately available for comment. Mishra, in his petition at the SDJM court, had alleged that though Vedanta had submitted document showing it as a public limited company on December 24, 2006, it was in fact a private limited company till May 7, 2008. The petition alleged that the firm gave forged document obtained from the Regional Director, Ministry of Company Affairs, Mumbai showing it as a public limited company.

Earlier, the State law department had objected to land acquisition for Vedanta which was a private limited company. The department cited provision under the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 which did not allow the government to acquire private land for a private company. -PTI

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