Panchayat heads demand White Paper on SCP

Special Correspondent,

“Execution of projects under the SCP and SCSP should be entrusted to the panchayats”

PUDUCHERRY: The Federation of Puducherry State Village Panchayat Presidents has urged the Union Territory Government to come out with a White Paper on the funds released under the Special Component Plan (SCP) and Special Component Sub Plan (SCSP) from 1992-1993 to 2007-2008.

A resolution adopted by a consultative meeting of the federation at Karikkalampakkam village panchayat office on Sunday also urged the government to take a policy decision on the utilisation of funds under these two plans for promoting the welfare, housing and infrastructure facilities in areas where Scheduled Caste people resided. Execution of projects under the SCP and SCSP should be entrusted to the panchayats, it said.

Convenor of the federation K.Nagamuthu and assistant convenor G.A.Jagannathan said in a statement here that the organisation, through another resolution, urged the UT government to take immediate steps to introduce the Panchayat Sector Windows in the budget with a view to linking the activities of the grassroots level local bodies and implementation of the people’s welfare programmes. The move would go a long way in ensuring decentralisation of powers to local bodies, it added.

Plea to government

The federation pleaded with the government to release a detailed report on the department-wise schemes and the beneficiaries, particularly the poor and downtrodden during the last three years. Another resolution called for issuance of a G.O. to delegate necessary powers to the panchayat presidents for financial management and signing of cheques.

Illegal sand quarrying

The outfit urged the government to take immediate steps to curb illegal quarrying of sand in Sankaraparani river. Construction of a floor dam in places including Sellipattu would prevent illegal sand quarrying. Goondas Act should be invoked against the gangs which were involved in such illegal activities.

Adequate protection should be given to the president of Sellipattu panchayat in Mannadipet commune, who had been fighting against sand quarrying in prohibited areas, it said, asking the government to take action against the persons who had attacked the president of Madhikrishnavaram panchayat in Bahour commune.

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