Nandankanan pens another success story

Bhubaneswar: After a series of successful captive breeding of rare species like white tigers and gharials, Nandankanan Zoo has now added yet another feather on its cap by breeding an Indian Pangolin, official sources said.

“The first baby Indian Pangolin was born in captivity on November 7,” said zoo Director Ajit Patnaik.

The zoo’s procedure of captive breeding of Indian Pangolin had been highly appreciated at the International Conference of Environment Enrichment held at Vienna Zoo in August, the sources said.

“A special enclosure with appropriate environment was designed to house a male and female pangolin,” Patnaik told PTI. The enclosure was built keeping an eye on the habits and nature of the mammal, which prefers isolation. According to zoologists, it was tough to maintain the small mammal in captivity mainly due to its specialised diet. “Many zoos have failed to keep the animal alive , owing to difficulty in procuring their natural diet. Successful rearing of the animal in captivity depends on proper housing and feeding,” said Patnaik. - PTI

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