Mayawati says she has no funds for RTE



Lucknow: In the midst of a raging controversy over her government spending crores of public money on Dalit memorials, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Saturday said it would not be possible for the State Administration to fund implementation of the newly-enacted Right to Education and asked the Centre to give money for the scheme.

She accused the Centre of overlooking practical aspects of implementing the much talked about Right to Education Act by not arranging money for its implementation.

Ms. Mayawati alleged that the Centre was not serious about implementing the Act. “This was the reason the Centre did not look into practical aspects while implementing the Act and a nominal provision was made in the Budget,” she said in a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

“If the Centre is really willing to implement the Right to Education Act to benefit the people, it should bear the financial burden to be created on the state for implementation of the Act,” she said.

The Chief Minister said that to implement the Act in Uttar Pradesh, Rs.18,000 crore would be needed in one year, of which 45 per cent (Rs.8,000 crore) has to be arranged by the State.

It would be difficult for the State to arrange Rs.8,000 crore considering its present financial condition, she said.

Ms. Mayawati said if the Centre seriously wanted to implement the Act, it should provide the required funds to UP. “The State had in a letter sent to the Centre in November last year already requested for required funds,” she said. - PTI

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