Immersion peaceful


Barring a few scuffles, a group clash

Lakhs take part in immersion due to good weather

Mandap with silver tableau to be taken round the city

CUTTACK: The city police profusely thanked the local puja committees as the five-day Durga puja and the two-day immersion festival went off peacefully, without any major untoward incident in the city. Barring a few scuffles and a group clash at Kumbhar Sahi, the celebration was incident-free.

On the days of immersion on Friday and Saturday, there were a few incidents of violence as the members of procession parties came to blows at some places. The first incident took place when the tableaus of Khatbin Sahi and Buxi bazaar were pelted with stones. Police and puja panel chiefs however, brought the situation under control and the incident did not flare up. In another incident, there were some tensions when the Chauliaganj procession was passing through the same area.

“Apart from these minor incidents, the celebrations were more-or-less incident-free,” said a senior city police officer. Because of pleasant weather, lakhs of people visited the city to witness the puja and took part in the immersion festival.

In line with tradition

All the clay idols erected in the city numbering over 150 were immersed in the river. But the idols of Tulasipur Bauri Sahi and Kathgada Sahi would be taken in a procession on Sunday. Since these mandaps have set up silver tableaus for the first time, the administration has allowed the committees to take their tableaus in procession throughout the city.

It was a tradition that the mandap with silver tableau was carried across the city with adequate police protection, said the city puja committee secretary Bhikari Das.

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