Hatipathar waterfalls to get a new life soon

Sib Kumar Das

The effort will also save Rayagada from excessive erosion

The waterfall will be revived by 2009

Earlier the river used to flow between Hatipathar hill and another hillock

BERHAMPUR: Not more than two years ago, Nagavalli River changed its path after a flood, leaving behind a dried up Hatipathar waterfall, which was once a scenic spot in Rayagada district. Now, efforts are being made to revive this most picturesque region before the arrival of monsoon by 2009. The effort will also save Rayagada from excessive erosion.

Speaking to The Hindu, Rayagada district Collector, Bhaskarjyoti Sharma informed that the project to revive the Hatipathar waterfalls would cost around Rs. 25crores. The works would be executed in two phases. The works of the first phase has already commenced and if all goes well, it would be completed before the onset of monsoons in 2008. The first phase of the project would cost around Rs.7 crores.

“The revival project at Hatipathar waterfalls has been taken up with an aim to save the Rayagada town from continuing erosion of Nagavali River”, Mr. Sharma said.

A large boulder which is lying is in the path of the river near Rayagada town would be removed by blasting. It would broaden the river course near the town. To prevent the erosion of the river, a spur of 100 meter length and 30 feet width would be built up on the spot, he said, adding that the next phase of the project would be taken up after the next monsoon season. The second phase would be completed before the onset of monsoon in 2009. In the second phase, the path of the Nagavalli River would be again diverted to its old original path by constructing a dam in the region.

“As soon as the river takes it original path, the Hatipathar waterfall will resume its earlier form when a huge stream used to flow in the area. For the nature lovers the restoration of the waterfall would be a historic event,” Mr. Sharma said.

The Nagavali River originates from Tinajhola in Kalahandi district and passes through a distance of 113 km in Orissa before entering into Andhra Pradesh to merge in the Bay of Bengal. Earlier, the river used to flow towards the western side of Rayagada town in between the Hatipathar hillock and another small mountain.

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