Gas consumers pour out woes at interactive session

Staff Reporter

Oil companies come under criticism for ‘irregular' supply of cylinders

BHUBANESWAR: Oil companies on Monday got the taste of people's anger brewing over irregularity in supply of cooking gas cylinders at their doorstep.

The occasion was an interactive session between consumers and representatives of oil companies on ‘supply of petrol, diesel and cooking gas and role of oil marketing companies to protect interest of consumers,' organised by State Food, Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department.

As soon as the session began, consumers lost no time in mounting criticism over silence of oil companies to rein in LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) distributors.

Although company representatives tried to convince people that there had been no short supply of cooking gas, people were in no mood to listen and queued up with lists of inconveniences being routinely faced by them.

‘No response'

“Cooking gas distributors do not pick up phones for booking of cylinders. Even if we manage to book after long hours of dialling of telephones, the cylinder is never delivered in time,” said Anand Pradhan, a consumer.

“The mobile numbers of executive of oil companies displayed or published are of no use. We regularly try to contact these numbers when we face problem at distributor level. But nobody picks up the call,” said Zakir Hussain, who came from Sambalpur. He urged the top company officials to take follow-up action on concerns expressed by them.

Reacting allegations K. K. Thakur, chief of Indian Oil Corporation's LPG operation for Orissa, said, “consumers have some valid points. Some consumers alleged that distributors were utilising their account to black-market cooking gas cylinders. We are trying to give details of last six transactions in the slip being given at the time delivery. We are also trying to incorporating this in our software shortly.”