Fishermen rescued

Staff Reporter

PUDUCHERRY: Officials of the Coast Guard on Tuesday rescued four fishermen who were stranded in the sea after their boat’s engine developed snag.

R. Kannan, N. Bharathi, T. Senthil and S. Anandan from Veerampattinam ventured into the sea on Monday. However, their boat’s engine failed and they were stranded.

“We immediately informed the boat owner through our mobile phone. He approached the Coast Guard for help. Seawater was also entering the boat,” the rescued fishermen said on Tuesday.

They were rescued by a Coast Guard ship at 12.30 p.m. The boat was towed along to the Puducherry Fishing Harbour.

Following the report of a missing boat, a helicopter was despatched from Chennai at 6 a.m. to locate it, Coast Guard officials said.

“On locating the boat, we wanted to lift the four fishermen. But, they said the boat was not in proper condition and they could not abandon it,” an official said.

The helicopter informed the Coast Guard personnel about the latitude and longitude of the missing boat and their ship found the boat seven to eight nautical miles deep into the sea, another official said.