Commission to hold Sensitisation programmes for girls

Staff Reporter

It decides to launch campaign in colleges

BHUBANESWAR: In a bid to save gullible girls from being entrapped by their dishonest boyfriends, State Commission for Women (SCW) has decided to launch a campaign in colleges sensitizing girls how to conduct themselves.

“We will soon launch the campaign strategies of which are being worked out. The decision has been taken in wake of increasing number of girls being entrapped by their boyfriends. Girls commit suicides while others undergo indescribable trauma when their weaker moments are secretly filmed,” said Jyoti Panigrahi, SCW chairperson, here on Tuesday.

Ms. Panigrahi said while a girl in Cuttack committed suicide after being featured in porn CD, another girl in Dhenkanal recently tried to take extreme step following circulation of similar CD in her locality.

“This is very disturbing trend. When mobile and internet are supposed to make life smoother, mis-utilisation of these mediums has spoiled lives of many gullible girls. This is not confined to only in urban centres, in rural areas similar attempts are being made,” said SCW Chairperson She said besides urging police administration to take strongest possible actions against culprits, the commission with help of social organizations would go to colleges and impress upon girls to take precautions.

“Girls should be more careful while going out with their boyfriends. They don't know that they might be filmed through mobile phone cameras or sophisticated cameras available in the market,” Ms. Panigrahi said.

The commission plans to organise such sensitization programmes in holidays or in extra classes in association with college administration. Moreover, colleges will be suggested to keep track of students on campus. “The college authorities should analyse why students are abstaining from classes and they should make sure that students remain present on campus during college hours,” Ms. Panigrahi said.

The commission would involve parents in the sensitization drive to remind their roles. Moreover, helps of NGOs would be taken to reach out to girls in rural areas since trendy mobile sets had also reached villages.

According to reports, besides blackmailing girls featured in porn CDs huge sum of money is also generated from the trading of the blue film CDs. Such incidents are now coming to public domain more frequently.