City of kiosks!

Time and again top bosses of the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation announce that the city will be made free from all types of cabins and will set an example for other cities. However, in contrast we have seen for more than one decade mushrooming of cabins all around the city and that too in most unsystematic way at many places. But now most of them were shifted to vending zones created in almost all parts of the city. Are these shops in vending zones different from the earlier ones in anyway? These are also cabins but in a chain and placed in lines. Hope BMC will acknowledge one day that it made the Temple City to city of kiosks (cabins).

Bijay Mishra


LPG providers have thrown government guidelines to wind. About 19 days ago, I had booked for a cylinder at my gas agent’s office. When they received my call, they took my customer numbers and promised to supply within three days. But there is no trace of LPG cylinder even after 20 days. My repeated reminders to them proved futile. I am little fortunate that I have two cylinders. The second cylinder is on verge of running out. I don’t know where should I complain. I hope the supply department officials would streamline the system.Sambit Das


Biggest fraud

We had recently witnessed the biggest fraud in the economic history of India. The future seems to be more frightening we don’t know how many scams are there unexposed.

If industrialists like Ramalinga Raju only work for their own self interest and purchase lands by investing public money then how a common man struggling everyday for his daily chores can sustain in life. People in India are still poor due to the people like Raju and his brother Rama Raju.

I request the government authorities to take every single paisa which is

invested by citizens of

India from Raju and his associates.

Deepak Gudla


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