CSREM project to encourage rural entrepreneurs

Staff Reporter

BERHAMPUR: The Centurion School of Rural Enterprise Management (CSREM) of Paralakhemundi in Gajapati district is trying to make business management inculcate among rural masses.

This business school has started projects to promote rural entrepreneurs. Through this effort it is also providing first hand experience of basic management and business skills to its management students. The CSREM has initiated two projects for it. They are Gramtarang Financial Sevices (GFS) and the Gramtarang Marketing Services (GMS).

Through the GFS the institute is offering loans for income generation, supplementary loans and even student loans. The amount of loan ranges between Rs. 2,000 to 20,000. Through the Gramtarang projects the institute has also delved into the microfinance sector through a village banking programme. This Grameen bank project uses the joint liability model developed by the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh.

The GFS has targeted women and interested youths who want to venture into some kind of livelihood activity like trading, animal husbandry, agricultural production, transportation etc.

The GMS has been developed as a Self-Help Cooperative. It aims encash potential of rural markets through community level partnerships. The GMS trains rural entrepreneurs the techniques to market their products, services and ideas in their locality.

These innovative projects are led by Prof. Mukti Mishra, the chairman of the institute and Prof. D.N. Rao, the director of the institute. Both of them have long experience in the academics of management, which they are putting to use in rural sector as live experiments for their students. “The pilot projects of GMS and GFS are evaluated for sustainability & scalability and then either dropped or scaled up”, said Prof. Mishra. Through these experiments in rural innovation this institute is trying to bring in changes in the traditional models of social development through creditable partnership between rural community and various sectors involved in development, said Prof. Rao.