Banners look like outshining the ban

FLAGRANT VIOLATION: New banners that have come up in Puducherry.

FLAGRANT VIOLATION: New banners that have come up in Puducherry.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: T. Singaravelou

Rajesh B. Nair

Flexi boards could be seen on the entire stretch of Kamaraj Salai, Anna Salai

Even pedestrian areas were not spared in some places

PUDUCHERRY: Even as the government enforced a ban on display of banners in the town from Sunday, several new temporary hoardings have come up defying the order issued by Lieutenant Governor Govind Singh Gurjar.

Mr. Gurjar on Friday issued an order under the relevant provisions of the Puducherry Municipalities (Advertisement Tax) Rules, prohibiting display of wall posters, hoardings and flexi hoardings within the Puducherry and Oulgaret Municipality limits.

Many banners and posters displayed earlier were yet to be removed in several places. Most of the banners put by political parties and flexi boards to celebrate birthdays dot the roadsides despite the ban. More so, new banners, mostly political banners, have come up at several prominent places in the town.

On Saturday night, supporters of a political leader displayed banners and posters to celebrate his defection to another party. Flexi boards were put up by his supporters on the entire stretch of Kamaraj Salai and Anna Salai. Even pedestrian areas were not spared.

In the order issued by the Lieutenant Governor, it was stated that if banners and hoardings continued to be on display from Sunday, they would be removed. The expenses incurred towards removal of such hoardings would be recovered from persons and organisations behind display of the advertisement.

Officials in the municipalities said that the ban could not be implemented unless all political parties cooperate. Also, the municipalities do not have adequate staff to remove the banners already displayed.

Senior officials in the administration said that in the past too several orders were issued, some of them by Collectors, prohibiting display of banners, especially makeshift hoardings. The orders only remained on paper as they were not strictly implemented owing to lack of support from political parties.

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