Babus jumping on the political bandwagon

Prafulla Das

The latest success stories of two retired IAS officers encourages many bureaucrats to enter politics

Retired IAS and IPS officers trying for party ticket to contest the polls

Professional politicians not happy with the entry of bureaucrats

BHUBANESWAR: The members of erstwhile royal families joining politics and perpetuating family rule in the present democratic set up is not a new phenomenon in the State. But for a growing majority of retired civil servants joining politics has become a priority in the recent years. Many of them have already entered the field while several others are now trying hard to join the party of their choice.

The lust for power and become a public figure seem to be driving them to enter politics.

As if public service for decades together as bureaucrats was not enough to serve the people, they are out to have a career as politicians to wield power in the name of serving society.

Nota new trend

The trend of retired officers of the Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service entering politics is not totally new in the State. It started several years ago when an IPS officer became successful in his attempt to get elected to the Lok Sabha.

As the mixture of experience of working as a public servant drawing a monthly salary and the new-found role of a policy-maker enjoying more benefits was found to be giving great results, the craze for joining politics started gaining ground.

The latest success stories of two retired IAS officers promoted many retired and serving bureaucrats to turn politicians overnight.

While one had entered the Rajya Sabha as a candidate of a national party, the other had become the virtual head of a regional party after becoming a Member of the Rajya Sabha.

With the Lok Sabha and Assembly polls nearing, the retired IAS and IPS officers who had joined different political parties are trying for tickets to contest the polls and those keen for making a decent entry into politics are now using their contacts in different fields to join different parties with an eye on tickets.

The past few years also saw at least two IAS officers, who were serving in a neighbouring State quitting their jobs.

While one has floated a regional party and pursuing an ambition to make his party rule the State, the other is expecting a Congress ticket to fight the coming Assembly polls.

The professional politicians are, however, not happy with the entry of bureaucrats into their field. “The retired IAS and IPS officers who are now lobbying hard to manage party tickets to contest the coming polls should rather concentrate in social work in their respective native places than making efforts to enjoy power as elected representatives,” observed a senior politician.

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