A positive effort to clean up stadium

Staff Reporter

Thanks to a retired employee, the corners of the stadium are fast turning into mini parks

BERHAMPUR: The corners and sides of Khallikote Autonomous College stadium in the city which had almost become public toilets are fast turning into mini parks.

This welcome change has come about due to efforts of a retired employee, A.K.Rao.

Lack of public awareness had turned portions of this playground into public toilet. This stadium has indoor sport complex and a gallery on one side. The rest of the area of the stadium is surrounded by a boundary.

A concrete foot-walk runs around the large field. Due to it this stadium is one of most frequented grounds of morning walkers of the city.

But stench of urine used to welcome visitors to this stadium every morning. The youngsters who play in the stadium as well as others used to urinate at corners and sides of stadium.

Despite several urgings by the college authorities, this practice could not be stopped.

0The efforts of different organisations to clean up the stadium were one-day wonders.

Mr Rao who visits the stadium everyday for his morning walk along with some other friends decided to counter this bad habit of public urination inside the sport stadium through a positive effort. "I had to do it as the people were not realizing that this unsanitary habit was posing a health hazard for the health seekers who visit the stadium every morning and evening," he said.

He approached the college authorities to permit him to clean up the unused corners of the stadium so that they could be developed as small parks.

It was a dual approach to stop urination at the spots and to decorate the area. The college authorities agreed to his proposal.

Mr Rao and his friends immediately planted flowering and decorative plants at the very spots where people used to urinate inside the stadium.

But till now the stadium lacks a proper public toilet nearby for the use of people who visit this stadium.