‘Bengal govt should immediately pay compensation to farmers’

The central executive committee of peasants’ organisation, All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha (AIKMS), has demanded that the West Bengal government immediately pay compensation to share croppers, landless labourers and other dependants on land who have suffered due to illegal acquisition of 997 acres of land for Tata Motors at Singur in Hooghly district.

The AIKMS has demanded that this financial burden be recovered from the private company. Speaking to The Hindu , national secretary of the organisation Bhala Chandra Shadangi said the AIKMS welcomes the Supreme Court verdict on Singur land acquisition. The apex court has annulled the acquisition of 997 acres for the company on grounds of lack of proper procedure. The court has also ordered the land to be returned to the cultivators and owners. It also praised the decision of the court that all 83 per cent of land owners who took the compensation will not have to return it and the rest land owners will be compensated for not utilising their land for past many years.

But the central executive committee felt the judgment has not clarified how the sharecroppers and other dependents on land will be compensated. The AIKMS was also critical of the stance of the CPI (M) on the Singur issue. “Recent Supreme Court judgment further exposes the irregularities during the CPI (M)-led Left Front rule in West Bengal,” said central executive of AIKMS through a release. It proves that the State government in West Bengal had misused the executive machinery to deprive land or livelihood source of working class for sake of corporate profits, said Mr Shadangi.

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