Yamuna continues to raise a stink

The Economic Survey has highlighted poor water quality of the Yamuna river while pointing out that the river crossing the Capital was polluted by the flow of untreated sewage and discharge of industrial effluents.

The annual average of Dissolved Oxygen ranged from 0.20mg/l (milligrams per litre) at Shahdara to 8.48 mg/l at Palla, stated the survey. As per the prescribed limits, it has to be 4 mg/l.

According to the survey, the water quality monitoring results of the drains had indicated that most drains were not meeting norms. Besides, the groundwater was unfit for human consumption in some areas. It also expressed concern over declining groundwater level. “The quality of underground water is deteriorating in several places. In some areas of Shahdara and Kanjhawala, nitrate content has been found to be more than 1,000 mg/litre,” it said.

The survey pointed out that the Yamuna Action Plan phase-III had been approved for implementation at a cost of Rs.1,656 crore by the Delhi Jal Board.


unfit for human consumption in some areas

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