Virbhadra accused of double standards

SHIMLA DEC. 24. The Bharatiya Janata Party leadership here has expressed surprise that the Congress, which had strongly demanded a CBI probe into the Judev and Jogi tape scandals, is backtracking from a similar probe in Himachal "where the voices of the Chief Minister, Virbhadra Singh, and his cabinet colleagues have been identified in the Katwal tape scandal".

Reiterating its demand for a CBI investigation into this case, a BJP spokesman, Ganesh Dutt, accused the Chief Minister of double standards.

He said, "Mr. Singh, who had pressurised the State Service Selection Board Chairman, Surendra Mohan Katwal, to give jobs to his favourites, had no right to do so. But amazingly Mr.Singh calls it the right of a public representative when it comes to him and his other colleagues. But when it was done by the BJP and the then Chief Minister's office, he calls it corruption. Who had given him the right to compel and coerce the head of an autonomous institution?"

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