Unclaimed bag creates scare

NEW DELHI, MARCH 3. An unclaimed and unscreened registered bag of an Air Sahara passenger created a security scare at the Indira Gandhi International Airport as it found its way to the baggage make-up area of Terminal IB without a security seal.

The bag, which was spotted by Constable Indresh Singh of the Crime and Intelligence Wing of the Central Industrial Security Force at about 6-45 p.m. yesterday, was later traced to its owner, W. Bindel, who was going to Bangalore by Air Sahara Flight No. S2-123.

Subsequently, the security officer of Air Sahara, Devendra, was informed about the incident and he collected the bag and took it to the X-ray for screening. After proper screening, a security sticker was affixed to the baggage and it was sent to the aircraft.

Since the baggage had reached up to the make-up area without the requisite security seal, the matter was taken up by the CISF personnel - in-charge of airport security - with the higher authorities. The CISF said an unscreened registered baggage in the operational area of the airport could pose a serious security hazard and as such the matter has been taken up with the Air Sahara officials and Director of IGI Airport for necessary action.

Incidentally, one more unclaimed baggage was found at the airport by CISF personnel early this morning. However, in this case it was discovered that the bag - which was lying unattended on a chair at the Main Security Hold Area of the International Terminal - had been left behind by a passenger, Jagrup Singh, who was about to take a flight TG-316.

Upon the making of an announcement over the public address system, the passenger reached the spot to claim his bag, which was duly handed over to him following proper verification.

The bag contained US $ 300 and some photographs, which were also safely returned, to the passenger.