UGC lifts ban on appointments

NEW DELHI, AUG. 21. Agreeing to a longstanding demand of the Delhi University administration as well as the teaching community on the campus, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has finally agreed to allow colleges to make permanent appointments.

Brought about in July 2002, the freeze on permanent appointments by the UGC has finally been lifted. It has now been decided that colleges can appoint teachers on a permanent basis. There is, however, a catch. Delhi University said the new ruling was completely college-specific with them being allowed to fill up a specified number of total permanent appointments, which is about 85 per cent of its total strength as per norms. This would mean that all colleges will be in a position to fill up a large number of existing vacancies which have been continuing since 2002, when the UGC directed all colleges to fill up only 80 per cent of their teaching vacancies and that too on a temporary basis.

The interim arrangement will continue till the UGC takes a final decision on the recommendations of the Anandkrishnan Committee report. Coming as it does after many rounds of talks between the University and the UGC, Delhi University authorities said it was a big win for them. An issue that has had the teaching community on the campus up in arms, the UGC decision is being taken with a "pinch of salt'' by teachers till the real effect begins to show.

"We are very happy that we have been finally able to convince the UGC on accepting our proposal. The matter has been pursued for long now and is a major decision as far as the University is concerned. We have already written to the colleges that had given us an idea of the number of vacant posts to be filled up so they can go ahead with the procedure,'' said the Dean of Colleges, Kiran Datar.