Two dacoits get seven years' RI

NEW DELHI MAY 29. A Delhi court has sentenced two accused to seven years' rigorous imprisonment for committing dacoity in Kalindi Kunj Colony in the New Delhi, 14 years ago.

According to a case filed by the Sriniwaspuri police, on November 6, 1988, more than ten armed people had broken into the house of R.P. Kapoor of D-9, Kalindi Colony, pushed the Kapoor couple into a corner at gun-point and started collecting valuables.

Before they began ransacking the house and collecting valuables, the dacoits had snapped the telephone connection and bolted the entry gate from inside.

When the dacoits could not open some locks with keys handed over by Mrs. Kapoor after being threatened, one of the accused slapped her demanding more keys. When her husband protested, he was attacked with knife and his hand was injured. Thereafter, the dacoits carried on their job.

In the meantime, a servant of Kapoors' son reached the house and saw it was being robbed. He immediately rushed to the nearby police post and reported the incident.

The police reached the house and surrounded it. A police personnel pushed the call bell button. When one of the accused opened the door, he cried `mama aa gaye' after seeing the police personnel standing outside.

On seeing the police team, the dacoits started running with whatever household articles they had picked up. However, the police were able to arrest four on the spot while three were caught after a hot chase. However, four others succeeded in running away, the FIR said.

Finally, only two of the seven accused - Jagdish and Surender - were found guilty of commiting dacoity using arms.

Interestingly, though the intention of the accused was to rob the house, the police had invoked the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (P) Act (TADA) against them. However, the Additional Sessions Judge, S.N. Dhingra, declared the invocation of TADA (P) as incongruous.

``After going through the entire evidence and facts and circumstances, I come to the conclusion that it was a case of dacoity committed by dacoits. Although firearms were recovered from some of the accused persons, there was no ingredient of terrorist activity involved in the case,'' the judge said.

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