Two children `sacrificed'

DURG, MARCH 17. In two ghastly incidents reported from as diverse places as Durg in Chhattisgarh and Jagadhari in Haryana, two children were `sacrificed'.

A woman hacked to death her 12-year-old nephew and drank his blood, allegedly as part of black magic ritual, at Dunda village in Durg district of Chhattisgarh.

Police said Kumari Bai (35), wife of Hirday Banjare, took her nephew Yogesh to an isolated place and slit his throat. She allegedly collected blood in a steel vessel and drank it.

Kumari Bai's 10-year-old son Lokesh, who witnessed the crime, informed the villagers about the incident and later a police team arrested Kumari Bai from the spot.

Police said preliminary investigations revealed that she used to practice black magic and both the families had some dispute for several years.

Police said investigations were in progress.

In the other incident, an eight-year-old boy was killed by two of his relatives allegedly as a sacrifice to a goddess to gain psychic powers in a village in Yamuna Nagar district, police said today.

Ran Singh, one of the accused nabbed by the police yesterday, confessed to killing Mukesh, son of Surender Singh of Jaidhar village, in collusion with his brother Chander Singh.

Mukesh went missing on January 17 and his earless body was found the next day near his home. His father Surender Singh, in his complaint to the police, had raised the finger of suspicion against Ran Singh and Chander Singh, his distant cousins.

In a forensic examination, it was found that the soil found on the body of the deceased and the one found near the house of the two accused was similar.

Making this evidence the ground of prosecution, the police today arrested Ran Singh who confessed that he and his brother Chander sacrificed the child to "`Devi Maa" to attain "sidhis" (psychic powers).

Ran Singh was remanded in one-day police custody by a local court while Chander Singh was still absconding. -- UNI

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