Tree-tier security for the General

Staff Reporter

NEW DELHI: : A three-tier security ring has been thrown around the Pakistan President, Pervez Musharraf, who arrived in the Capital on Saturday. He is scheduled to watch the One-Day International between India and Pakistan at the Ferozshah Kotla Stadium along with the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, on Sunday.

Senior police officials said the security provided to him was in accordance with the protocol for the Heads of States. While the outer ring comprises uniformed personnel of the Delhi police, the middle level is a mixture of both plainclothes and uniformed police. The inner-most core comprises trained security men of the Delhi police along with those from Pakistan.

The role of the outer ring is to ensure free and secure movement of the VVIPs along the routes. This includes deploying men, who usually carry long-range arms, on both sides of the route and keeping it free of vehicles.

At the middle level, the security wing of the Delhi police takes over. These officers are primarily concerned with the access control within the premises where the VVIP is scheduled to spend time.

They will be assisted by uniformed men to prevent any unauthorised entry. The bomb disposal squad and sniffer dogs have already sanitised the enclosure.

The inner-most core comprises officers specifically trained in proximate security. They always move around the VVIP and are ready to cover for him in case of any attack. They are allowed to carry small weapons.

Barring few exceptions, the inner-most security is the responsibility of the host country, though officers from the guest country are also included. But in some cases, the guest dignitary brings along his entire security paraphernalia and an exception is made.

This exception was made during the visit of the then United States President, Bill Clinton, in 2000.

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